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What's Beef?: Busta Rhymes Gets Into Heated Argument with a Popular Radio Personality

*** Check the update below

So, rumor has it that Busta Rhymes got into the face of a well-known controversial New York radio personality... Charlamagne Tha God from Power 105.1 "The Breakfast Club" this past weekend while in Los Angeles for the BET Awards.

According to, Busta approached Charlamagne over some interview he wasn't happy with that happened on Wendy's Williams show year's ago. Charlamagne used to work with Wendy then but according to him, he wasn't working with Wendy when the interview happened.

Whatever the beef is, it is over old stuff and supposedly the two had to be held back from each other to avoid a fight.

When asked about the almost fight, Charlamagne told Vlad TV, Arguing. Acting like we wanted to do something to each other but neither of us made a move. That’s why I don’t talk to niggas after 5PM.”
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It was announced on the radio that Charlamagne will clear up all the rumors on Tuesday morning during The Breakfast Club. So listen out tomorrow (July 3) morning and I'll keep ya posted with an update on here.

UPDATED! July 3, 7:51 p.m.

Charlamagne explained the confrontation this morning (July 3) live on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

“Busta was upset about an interview his baby momma did with Wendy Williams in 2004,” Charlamagne began to explain. 
“For people who don’t know, I used to be Wendy’s cohost from 2006 to the end of 2008. So, he said I was on the interview disrespecting him, but I was like, ‘I wasn’t on Wendy Williams’ show on 2004; you got me mixed up.’”
“I ain’t had no idea what he was talking about. So, I told Buss, ‘Man, if you want to talk about me saying your music is wack in 2012, let’s talk about that ’cause I know every time we put you in the freezer, you got upset. You called Envy and all this and that, so if you upset about that, then let’s talk about that.’ So, he goes, ‘You need to stop acting like a tough guy!’”
“That’s when he turned into the rah rah dungeon dragon,” Charlamagne added. 
“‘You need to stop acting like a tough guy!’” I said, ‘Buss, you need to stop acting like a tough guy before it gets crazy in here.’ That’s when he told me, ‘Put your drink down!’ So, then I put my drink down and got up in his face, and Angela Yee said it looked like we were about to kiss. But, it was nothing—nobody touched anybody, I didn’t touch him, he didn’t touch me.”
Busta turned in a pretty similar account about his and Charlamagne’s confrontation and said:
“Just so you understand about me, the way I was conditioned and just the morals and the principles that I come from as far as code of ethics as a man, if there’s an issue, I’m a approach you to discuss it, and that’s it,” Busta told Malikha Mallette in an interview shortly after the incident. 
“I ain’t gon’ be out here trying to hype things on these platforms, these social networks, and act like I’m something that I’m not. I ain’t no gangster. I ain’t no tough guy. I’m just a man and I live by certain morals and I live by certain principles, and if those get compromised, violated or disrespected in any way, we’re going to have to have a discussion. And, it’s as simple as that.”
So basically nobody touched anybody and it was all over old stuff that Busta was still holding on to and Charlamagne wasn't that guy back then.