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D'Angelo Makes His Long Awaited Return

D'Angelo gave his first TV performance after 12 years
The sexy soul crooner D'Angelo made his return to the stage at last nights BET Awards and it was definitely one of the highlights of the night. 

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He brought it back to 2000 with his sexy hit "(Untitled) How Does It Feel." Remember that video ladies?? Ohh yea! (And, if you don't remember it, I added the video below.)

D'Angelo also sung a new song "Sugar Daddy" which is expected to appear on his third album.

He came on to the music scene in 1995 with his hit "Brown Sugar" and over the past ten years D'Angelo has been M.I.A musically. He was in a car accident, arrested for a DUI in 2005 and was in rehab. Now it seems like he has himself together and the voice is still on point.

After D'Angelo performed, host Samuel L. Jackson came out on stage and jokingly said:

"Alright, alright. Lets take a break so some of you ladies can change into dry panties and some of you dudes probably got a little moist too."

"... But umm, lets dry off and I'm gonna introduce our next presenter... I didn't write that."