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Comedian Tony Roberts Rocks It Out in New York City

This dude is funny as hell!
Photo credit: Lanette Espy
This past weekend I went to the city to Caroline's comedy club and saw one of my favorite comedians, Tony Roberts. If you're familiar with BET's Comic View or HBO's Def Comedy Jam then you may remember Tony. 

He is one of those comedians who don't get into too much of the long story telling type of jokes but instead he will say a bunch of random things and it will have you cracking up. And, if you're not familiar with Tony's material, watch a couple of his funny videos that I posted below. My all time favorite is him singing the "B*tch Where You Been?" song AND when he sings about somebody's breath smelling like a thousand a**es. 

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Last night he sung "You Need You're A** Beat," "Colonic," (the song in which he pretends to be a rapper and he raps about a bunch of things that makes no sense, but it rhymes and flows well) and he sung two new songs and said the videos will be out soon: "Booty Mouth" and "Gummy Bear."

Tony Roberts also announced that he will be coming out with new material entitled I'm Rockin', so make sure you look out for that. Him and comedian Michael Blackson, will also be apart of the Shaq All-Star Tour coming this fall.

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And, if you do plan on seeing Tony perform some of his stand-up, remember this... if you sit near the stage he will point you out and possibly ask where you're from, your nationality, where you work and for the ladies, if you're single or not.

Watch below: "Colonic" All you need is a good a** beat, f*ck the lyrics...


Your breath smells like a thousand a**es

...The house is so nasty you have to wipe your feet on the way out, you don't wanna mess up the city.

Below is a video he made for "B*tch Where You Been?" which came from his past stand-up material.