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Kim Kardashian Doesn't Mind Being Called a "Perfect B*tch" in a New Song by Her Boo Kanye West

Kim Kardashian thinks it's perfectly acceptable for her boyfriend Kanye West to refer to her as a “b*tch” in his latest song. reports that Kim says she is actually honored to have Kanye refer to her by that term. According to the gossip site, Kim Kardashian is thrilled to be the inspiration for Kanye’s new song, entitled "Perfect B*tch."

Kim is telling friends, "I'm honored.  I love it," adding, "I know he doesn't mean it in a negative way when he says the word 'b*tch.'"

The album cover for Cruel Summer
Kanye reportedly dropped some unrealeased tracks recently from his upcoming album Cruel Summer including this new song that refers to his girlfriend.

“I wrote the song Perfect B*tch about Kim,” Kanye confirmed through a tweet, than he later deleted the post on Twitter.

According to TMZ, the song has not been officially released yet -- but a source told the Daily News, the lyrics are "about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the 'perfect b*tch.'"

Oh gosh, now females are honored to be called b*tches!? Like, really? I guess "b*tch" is better than many other names that Kim has been called in the past.