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Watch: Lil' Wayne Kisses a Man on Stage Who is Believed to Be 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Stevie J

The blurry image above is a shot taken from the video below
A video went viral on Tuesday of Lil' Wayne kissing a man on stage during a Miami nightclub performance. The man who he kissed on the mouth is believed to be Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J who is portrayed on the show as being a ladies man.

But now, Stevie J is speaking out and denies that was him on stage. Him and his chick Joseline, who also appears on Love & Hip Hop, called up Hot 97 “Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Show with K. Foxx" to get to the bottom of any suspicions.

Once Stevie J comes on the phone, he’s asked straight up: Are you the man in the video that appears to be kissing Lil’ Wayne on the lips?

Lil' Wayne and Birdman lock lips
“Hold on, let me look,” says Stevie J, who then starts playing beats for the Hot 97 listeners.

This isn't the first time Wayne's lips met up with a man. Back in 2006, him and Birdman were caught greeting each other by locking lips and photos and video surfaced of the two. Birdman also spoke out about the kiss, saying Wayne is his son and he'll do it again. Birdman took Wayne in as his son back in the day. BUT STILL!

Well, Stevie J also seemed a little bit hesitant when answering some of the questions while on air with Hot 97.

There should be no hesitation. If the man in the video isn't you then say no! It doesn't matter if the video has poor quality or not, Stevie should know if he kissed Lil' Wayne or not.

Joseline spoke out more than Stevie J, defending her man and saying he isn't gay:

“Stevie’s in L.A. For the real n****’s out in the street, they know what’s up,” she told Hot 97.

“We don’t even get down like that, my man doesn’t even get down like that. With that gay a** s***,” she added.

You be the judge, watch the video below. Does that look like Stevie J to you?