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Kanye West Gets Aired Out on the Radio by Ex-Friend Consequence

Consequence and Jen The Pen tell it all!

Love & Hip Hop star and songwriter Consequence spilled all the beans this morning on Power 105's The Breakfast Club. He went there for an interview with his wife, Jen The Pen and they both explained why things are salty when it comes to their relationship with rapper Kanye West - whom Consequence used to be friends with.

Jen was actually the first to begin telling it all as she proceeded to share that Kanye was allegedly carrying on a sexual relationship with Kim Kardashian while she was still with NFL player Reggie Bush.

Cons did nothing to him. Nothing. I’m telling you, I hear this man’s every single conversation — I know every single thing that has ever happened, and I could say on my son, he never did anything to Kanye for Kanye not to give a congratulations [for our baby], to him or to me, for that matter. … When he was sticking Kim, when he ‘was’ sticking Kim, when Kim was with Reggie, you know whose secret that was? That was our secret, when the rest of the world didn’t know. No one blew up his spot. He had his back. Every night that man called, ‘What do I do? What do I do, you know, about Kim? I need to be with her, I want to be with her,’ this, that and the third. That secret was in ‘my’ home.”
Consequence then confirmed Jen’s statement by sharing that he was the one driving Kanye to meet Kim at various hotels.

”I was driving him to the telly,” the rapper said.

Consequence also shared that his relationship with Kanye initially went south after Kanye was slow to pay money that he owed him. He also revealed he was a ghostwriter for Kanye:
When you not my friend no more and I ghostwrote for you, I’m gon’ tell everybody… I am a ghostwriter. I have been helping you. That’s why I can say I’m arguably one of the best. If you running around here talking about you the best on the planet, and you definitely say that, then how you the best on the planet if you got my pen?”
Danggg, drama! Watch the clip below: