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Watch: Beyonce's "Life Is But A Dream" ... Did She Reveal Enough?

I'm all caught up with all the Beyonce festivities that were going on this weekend. I watched her Oprah interview (that was blah) and I watched her "Life Is But A Dream "documentary (much better than the interview).

After watching the documentary, I still feel like I wanted more. I'm not sure how much more she could give, but I felt like it was just okay. I did love the moments when her and Jay-Z were shown and when she showed her daughter Blue Ivy towards the end.

"It's everyone womans dream to feel this way about someone," Beyonce said about her husband.

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Beyonce also opened up about her miscarriage, she explained the seperation from her father, she opened up about her doubts and fears and she addressed those proegnancy rumors, calling them "stupid" and the "most ridiculous rumor" that she ever had started about her.

All of this was great, but I felt like half of the documentary was simply a Beyonce concert and behind the scene footage, some I've previously seen. I was also waiting for her to talk about some future projects; an upcoming music, a new album... nothing of that sort was discussed in the documentary or during Oprah's interview.

And, my opinion, Oprah's interview was flat out boring to me. Oprah could have asked better questions and the whole interview just seemed a little slow moving for me.

However, I did learn during the documentary that Beyonce spends a lot of time filming herself on camera. This is basically her diary. Instead of writing, she chooses to express her thoughts by speaking out to the camera in which she shared with all of us. And, she looks really pretty without makeup. But, I've seen this side to her before.

Watch the full documentary over here at Rap-Up and let me know what you think.