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Blue Ivy's Face is Fully Revealed in New Beyonce Documentary (Photos)

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An image from the film, featuring Beyonce holding her and Jay-Z's daughter hit the Internet earlier today. So cute!
Tomorrow is Beyonce day! Get your DVR's ready!

So I'm sure we will all be tuned in tomorrow night during Beyonce's HBO documentary special Life is But A Dream, or at least you'll be recording it like me. The entertainer is taking over televisions tomorrow (Feb. 16) as her HBO movie special premiere's tomorrow at 9 p.m. Also, 

In the movie special, Beyonce is set to reveal a more personal side; opening up about her miscarriage, the fake pregnancy rumors, her relationship with her father, what Jay-Z is like as a father and husband, and we'll see some behind the scenes moments with her and her family, plus much more! 

Beyonce will also premiere on Oprah's Next Chapter Feb. 16, at 8/7c on OWN. Check out a preview HERE.



Oprah tweets, "did we have fun or what?" sharing a photo with her Twitter followers after the interview.

And, Blue Ivy definitely looks like a mix of Bey and Jay-Z. What do you think?

To peep a special tease of the documentary, which was released back in December 2012, click HERE.