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Amanda Bynes Tweets She Wants Drake to Murder Her Va-Jay-Jay... WTH!

Amanda's new pierced cheek look, check out her changes below
So I posted a picture awhile ago on my blog's Facebook page back in January of former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes and her very new look for which she's been making recent headlines about. Now she's getting attention for her vulgar tweet.

Now, the very different looking former kid star tweeted last night about wanting to be sexually involved with Young Money rapper Drake.

Amanda Bynes


Tatyana Ali DrakeBynes has called Jay-Z "ugly face" just a couple of months ago on Twitter, but not you Drake, obviously she is saying you can get it.

Drake has yet to respond. I wonder what he's going to say.

I do know one thing. I'm sure actress Tatyana Ali ,who just celebrated her 34th birthday with Drake, wouldn't be too happy with Amanda throwing around her Drake sex fantasies.  

Tatyana supposedly has a crush on Drake. Check out the video clip below of the actress gushing about the rapper on the The Wendy Williams Show.

What's up with the chicks going after Drake!?