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Wacky News: California Woman Facing Life in Prison For Cutting Off Husband's Penis and Tossing it in a Garbage Disposal

Catherine Kieu Trial
Catherine Kieu
I just served as a juror on my first case ever. It was a small civil case, lasted three days and was pretty interesting and straight to the point. But, that was nothing compared to this gruesome story posted below that just went to trial...

An Orange County woman by the name of Catherine Kieu, 50, is currently facing felony charges of torture and aggravated mayhem; after she was arrested back in 2011 for allegedly cutting off her husbands penis. 

She is now facing life in prison.

Kieu allegedly put a sedative in her 60-year-old husband’s dinner, which made him drowsy and prompted him to go to bed. Once asleep, Kieu is said to have tied his arms and legs to the bed with a rope. When he was awaken, Kieu allegedly pulled down his pants and cut off his penis with a knife.

Reports say that once her husband’s penis was severed, she tossed it into the garbage disposal and turned it on, destroying it.

The crazy woman then called 911 and said that her husband was injured and bleeding. Then, the victim got on the phone with the dispatcher and said that his wife cut off his private part. Once authorities arrived on the scene, he was rushed to a medical center.

Kieu later told police that her husband “deserved it” and that he allegedly raped her in the past.

On the first day of trial, the husband spoke out about this gruesome incident and said:

"I will never have a sex life again." 

He had a surgery that allows him to urinate. The penis could not be reattached.  

"My mental state is improving, but it may never be what it was before," he said. 

According to reports, the trial is "very sexually explicit." And while the jury is made up mostly of women, the male jurors were "visibly cringing" when the incident was described.

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  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! He must have done something horrible to deserve that lol. I mean a woman usually doesn't go that far unless she is truly hurt.


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