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Beyonce & Jay-Z 'On The Run Tour' PLUS Their "Bang Bang" Short Film

It's the Roc! 
Jay-Z throws the sign up as the On The Run Tour wraps up at MetLife Stadium back in July
(More photos below)

I Finally Went to a Beyonce Concert!

As you all probably know, Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z recently wrapped up their On The Run Tour - the most talked about tour all summer. 

Those divorce rumors definitely drove even more attention to the tour, but I must say, they certainly don't look like they're having any marriage trouble - at least not while on the stage. I was lucky enough to see the power couple and their chemistry was too cute. 

I attended the On The Run Tour in New Jersey at MetLife Stadium back in July with my brother and two of my friends. 

After years of trying to see Beyonce in concert, I finally lucked out because we were able to purchase floor seats before tickets sold out, thanks to a Chase credit card presale. Yes... FLOOR SEATS! ... at a Beyonce concert! 

Look at how close my seats were! And, I got even closer!
Well, floor seats are a bit more challenging than I thought. As soon as Bey and Jay hit the stage, it was a mad dash to the front of the stage. Whatever seat I had, which was in row 35, no longer mattered because I never made it back to my original seat. As a matter of fact, not only did I stand the entire concert (which was expected), but I had to stand on a chair the whole time just to see Beyonce and Jay and get somewhat decent photos. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z come closer to the crowd as they perform on the second, smaller stage

Weed smoke filled the air at MetLife Stadium and everyone went wild for two and a half hours as the couple performed 44 songs, including my personal favorites: "Naughty Girl," "Love On Top," "Beach is Better," "99 Problems" and "Resentment."

There were four people in my group, and we got split up from all the madness on the floor. I didn't see my two friends until the end of the concert. My brother and I got even closer to the stage and I found out later that my other two friends actually made it to the front row! 

When Jay-Z says light up your phone, you light up your phone!
This is the entire stadium behind me all rocking out to Jay's hit "Young Forever"
Although my feet kept falling asleep, and I had to get off of the chair at times to wake my feet back up, I must say all of the craziness was totally worth it. Beyonce and Jay took the crowd through a mini movie, sticking with the 'on the run' theme throughout the night. The couple complemented each other very well during songs like "Upgrade You" and "Holy Grail." They also both held their own, commanding the stage during individual performances. I was pumped that Jay sung older hits like "Big Pimpin'" and "Jigga My Ni**a."

This is me in the crowd, decked out in my Beyonce gear. Surfboard!

Miss the concert? HBO will air the On The Run Tour!

Tune in tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 20) at 9 p.m. on HBO because they will premiere the Paris show of the On The Run Tour! I will be watching again and live-tweeting as I relive the magic that these two superstars shared on stage. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z 'on the run' as their concert theme

"Bang Bang" a Short Film By Bey and Jay

Clips from this film were shown on the tour. Bey and Jay star in the film as a Bonnie and Clyde-type couple on the run from the law. The clip below is the first of three parts. 


Check out more photos from the On The Run Tour below!

Beyonce and her dancers 'Les Twins'

Beyonce and Jay-Z shared some of their super sweet family moments with the crowd on the big screen. Above is one picture that shows Jay-Z and Blue Ivy when she was a baby 
Uh oh! Time for "Partition" and stripper poles! 


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