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Updated: Keyshia Cole Arrested After Attacking a Woman

(Update posted after the jump)

According to TMZ, Keyshia Cole was just arrested and spent Friday morning in jail for allegedly assaulting a woman she caught in her boyfriend's penthouse. 

But, get this... her boyfriend is no other than Birdman! ...Yes, Birdman, the CEO of Cash Money Records.... the same guy who calls Lil' Wayne his son... and yes, the same guy who has that big star tatted on the top of his head and those grillz in his mouth.

Since when were these two an item? C'mon Keyshia! 

Anyway, Keyshia allegedly saw this woman, flipped out and then attacked her and left scratches on her face. Ooooooh man! Read the entire story over at TMZ.

Update: Posted Monday, Sept. 22, 2014

The woman who Keyshia Cole allegedly went crazy on after catching her in Birdman's house has been a Cash Money employee for 10 years! 

According to, Sabrina Mercadel, Birdman's employee, was walking out of the bathroom and three other people were also present when Keyshia came busting in the house and went nuts. 
Keyshia don't take no mess! 

She was released on $46,000 bail and still showed up in time for the BET Hip Hop Awards that taped in Atlanta over the weekend. And oh yea, her boyfriend Birdman showed up for the taping as well to perform. Drama!


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