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"F*ck It, I Quit" - Alaskan Reporter Curses and then Quits Job Live On-Air
Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do
Employees are coming up with the most clever ways with how to quit their jobs. A couple years ago, I posted about a man who was fed up and quit his Taco Bell job in an epic way. Well, an Alaskan reporter just quit her on-air job to promote a medical marijuana business. She basically just said, "F*ck it, I quit," while live on-air and then walked off the set. She even shocked her on-air co-worker who then apologized for the outburst. Watch below:


I am not promoting in any way to quit your job like this lady. I'm sure her career in media journalism is a wrap. But, she obviously doesn't care.

#KeepItClassy folks.

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