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Big News for Jodeci Fans: The '90s R&B Group is Reuniting After 8 Years!

"K-CI...JO JOOOO... !!!"

First off, I just want to say the show Martin messed me up, lol. Every time I say Jodeci or think of the group, I think of the episode "Hollywood Swinging: Part 2" of Martin on the "Varnell Hill" show interrupting Jodeci's performance, HAHAA! ((watch that hilarious video below))

So back to the news at hand...

Good news that is! If you miss the '90s R&B groups and music like I do, then you're in luck! 

Jodeci on Martin in 1993
All four members of Jodeci - K-Ci, DeVante Swing, JoJo and Mr. Dalvin - are reuniting after eight long years and will be in attendance for this years Soul Train Music Awards which will air Nov. 30th on BET and Centric!


The group will perform a live medley of some of their classic songs and will perform a portion of a brand new single, according to Essence magazine... hopefully this means us fans are getting a new album soon! 

Jodeci's last album The Show, the After Party, the Hotel was released in 1995, ya'll! Yes, us fans are long overdue for a new album. 

This year, the Soul Train Music Awards is hosted by Wendy Williams. Click here to see a full list of the nominees with Chris Brown leading the pack with seven nominations.

Also, watch this hilarious clip with Jodeci on Martin which aired back in 1993 ... which, by the way, is not even scripted! ... I just found that out all these years later! Jodeci had no prior warning they were involved in the skit below, check it out:

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