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Drake Accused of Threatening 2 Females

If this story is true, Drake needs to woosah like he raps on the "2 On" remix...

Two women have come forward saying that Drake threatened them. First, a woman by the name of Jhonni Blaze, a stripper from Houston, said the rapper threatened her. Now, a second woman named Shaye G, an internet model, is saying the same thing. Shaye G told Arizona police and they are investigating the situation. 

According to TMZ:

"Shaye G -- an Internet model who was linked to Drake while he was with Rihanna -- says the rapper fired off some angry text messages to her last weekend because she posted photos of expensive purses he bought for her."
Drake & Shaye G
Drake and Shaye G
"In one message, Shaye says Drake warned if he sees her anywhere, she's "getting run up outta there." She felt threatened enough to get her dad involved, who told Drake to back off."

"Run up outta there"... I don't know what that implies or if these chicks are even telling the truth. Everyone makes fun of Drake for acting soft in his music so now I have this image of him painted as being a romantic sweetheart, lol... if that makes any sense. 

Do you think the rapper/singer has anger issues or are these chicks just talking nonsense for two seconds of fame and a paycheck? I guess only time will tell.