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Photo Op: 'Real World' Star Brandon Swift Hanging Out in Morristown, NJ

So I ran into Brandon "Swift" over the weekend while at the Grand Harvest Wine Festival in Morristown, N.J. If you're a Real World fan, then you may remember this Jersey guy from The Real World St. Thomas, the 27th season of the popular reality show which aired back in 2012. 

Aside from appearing on The Real World, we last saw Swift on the last season of The Challenge: Free Agents which aired back in April. Swift's time in the house was cut short when he lost the elimination round on episode 6 in a tug-of-war challenge against Jordan Wiseley.  

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Swift is from Edison, N.J., and is a pretty cool guy. He jokingly ran away from me at first when I recognized him from the show. He must've thought I was some crazy groupie, but I just wanted the scoop on The Challenge. After realizing I was cool, we chatted for a couple of minutes and even took a couple of pics (my fav one is below).

So of course I had to ask him about The Challenge and if he would be on the next one. He didn't reveal too much, but he did happen to say he would not be participating in the next Challenge, and he definitely looks forward to doing another one.

Real World star Brandon Swift and I at the Grand Harvest Wine Festival, and we got photobombed! Lol!