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Updated! Celeb Rumors: Chris Brown Cheated on Karrueche? She Announces On Twitter She's a 'Single Lady'... Again

Excuse me while I do the Joseline eye roll
*UPDATE below! Karrueche clears up her "single" tweet

And, hereeee we go...

The on-again, off-again couple Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have supposedly split... for the 100th time!

These two were just out on Friday for date night! And, just last month, Chris Brown was talking about settling down and discussing how he's ready for fatherhood.

Well, according to Karueche's Twitter account, the model is single. She tweeted out a couple of hours ago, “Looks like I’m a single lady again" and she included an emoticon which to me, seems like she's half smiling? (Check out the screenshot of her tweet below).

There are rumors suggesting that Chris got blasted for cheating... and with a groupie!?According to blogger B. Scott, Chris allegedly slept with a groupie who leaked screenshots from a video showing him sleeping in his bed. 

Messy, messy!

The on-again, off-again couple Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran
However, Chris' face is not shown in the video, but it looks like his back tattoos. There is another photo showing off bedroom d├ęcor, sneaker boxes and clothing trying to prove the woman slept with the singer recently.

This woman said:

"I have a nice cup of TEA. Chris cheated on Karrueche last week after the Supper Club. Chris and his friends took a bunch of girls back home with him and his cousin Rob. I know for a fact that he slept with at least ONE GIRL. My friend sent me a video laying next to Chris Brown in his bed. In the video, she panned the camera around the room so you can not only see Chris Brown but also his belongings!”

But, there have also been rumors of a possible television role in the works for Karrueche on the new BET version of the series, Single Ladies. So, maybe Karrueche is just promoting her upcoming role on the show, hence the half smile emoticon?

Twitter user El Presidente said: "If she's becoming a cast member of "Single Ladies", that Karrueche tweet is inarguably one of the best twitter-marketing ploys ever."

Well, this wouldn't be the first time cheating allegations popped up in her and Chris' relationship. The two have a history of breaking up and getting back together, the last quick breakup was just back in August.

After Karrueche tweeted her "single" status, Guy Code co-stars comedian Lil' Duval and Power 105.1 radio host Charlamagne Tha God decided to poke some fun at her.

Lil' Duval tweeted out in response:

"You don't realize u say this every other month?" Lil' Duval also said, "Let me find out Chris brown having thanksgiving in Barbados...."

Charlamagne tweeted, "One day he will spend the holidays with you. Keep the Faith."

Wow! Hahaa!

Head over to to see a video of Chris Brown leaving the club over the weekend while talking to some ladies and to see the photos I mentioned above.

Maybe Chris Brown really ain't loyal ... or is this just some marketing technique on Karrueche's part about her possible new TV role?


*UPDATE (Nov. 27): 

So last night, Karrueche tweeted out hours after her "single" post and said: 

"I was talking about the show Single Ladies.. I just came back from shooting an episode lol gee wiz"

I'm guessing Karrueche saw how everyone was speculating about her and Chris Brown's relationship and felt the need to clear up what she tweeted. She also responded to Lil' Duval and tweeted to him:

This tweet has now been deleted, but I peeped that!

So there you have it, Karrueche will be appearing on the show Single Ladies... but, this still doesn't clear up those Chris Brown cheating rumors as mentioned above. 

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