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Kim Kardashian Crops Tyga Out of "Family" Photo Taken at French Montana's Bday Party

Kim Kardashian is making it clear to Tyga: "I don't f*ck with youuuu!" (I love that Big Sean song, lol).

Anyways, so French Montana celebrated his 30th birthday this past weekend, right... and of course the whole Kardashian clique was there... including the rapper Tyga. Everyone took a group photo that what was captioned by Kim on her Instagram as: "#Family #HappyBdayFrench. 

BUT, what Kim posted is a cropped photo... and who is not included in that pic? ... Tyga!   

When you crop someone out of a photo, it kind of means they're irrelevant, right? Kim's followers started leaving comments, pointing out that she cut Tyga out of the uploaded picture. 

One of the funniest comments left on Kim's photo came from IG user @azielsmom "Look ma no tyga!" 


So why the cropping out?

Tyga is rumored to be messing around with Kim's little sister Kylie Jenner. But, we don't know if their relationship is romantic or not.

Kim and Blac Chyna (Tyga's ex and baby mama) are good friends... you see where I'm going with this right? 

According to TMZ, Kim "feels like both Kylie and Tyga should have been more respectful and realized they were putting her in the middle of an impossible situation."

Well Tyga, guess you're not considered family. Not just yet, at least not in Kim's eyes.  

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