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WATCH: Big Sean's "IDFWU" Video feat. E-40

I don't f*ck with youuuu!!!

"IDFWU" is my jam! When I hear this song, I automatically become a rapper and start yelling the lyrics out loud. And now the video has finally been released!

It seems like a lot of people nowadays have that one person they just don't eff with anymore (the perfect anthem for exes). For Big Sean, it is his ex-fiance Naya Rivera who called off their engagement and married someone else on the exact date she was supposed to marry Big Sean. Ouch!

When "IDFWU" first came out, Big Sean admitted the song relates to his own personal situation. He did say the song was not necessarily written about Naya because it was written while they were still together. But now, the song fits perfectly due to their situation. 

The video shows Big Sean playing the star quarterback of a championship football game. E-40, DJ Mustard and Teyana Taylor are on the field as well, and Kanye West makes a brief appearance as a football coach. Check out the visuals below!

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