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New Beyonce Music! Listen to "7/11" and "Ring Off"

Listen to the new songs below!


Beyonce has released TWO new songs which will be on her upcoming album Beyonce: The Platinum Edition.

Her new album will include the original 14 songs, including 17 music videos, four NEW remixes and a DVD of her live performance from her "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour."

"New" Beyonce Album is a Platinum Edition Box Set

The new songs are "7/11" which is more of a turn up jam "smack it in the air!" ... and "Ring Off" which seems more personal.

In "Ring Off" Beyonce sings about a woman starting over and loving again after all the pain. Seems like she is talking about her mother Tina Knowles and what she went through with her father Matthew during their public 2011 divorce

(Check out Tina's personal story as she opens up in the video below)

The album re-release will drop Nov. 24, and will be available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to both new songs below. Enjoy!



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