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Rihanna Teams Up with Puma to Design Sneakers, Details on Her New Album & Check Out Her Lookalike!

In Rihanna news...

The Unapologetic Singer in the Midst of Signing New Deal

Do you rock Puma's? If so, you may see some new clothing and sneaker designs from our favorite bad gal Rihanna!

According to the Daily News, Rihanna is close to signing a seven-figure contract deal with Puma for more than a million dollars. She would be designing sneakers, as well as some clothing. This deal would also require Rihanna to wear the brand out and about.

Nothing is official yet, but it almost seems like a done deal. So stay tuned for that!


When is Rihanna Dropping Another Album?

Hey Ri Ri fans! Expect a new album SOON!

Rihanna's last album Unapologetic was released two years ago! Although that may not seem like a long time, it is for some fans since the star is known for dropping hits left and right. 

No lie, I'm kinda like, Rihanna has been quiet on the radio... I need more! 

E! Online recently caught up with the singer and asked her, 'when is the new album coming out!?'

She teased and said, "Tell them they'll have to wait! ... I'm in the studio right now with a killer team and I'm excited about what we're doing."

E! Online also reported that Ne-Yo opened up about Rihanna's upcoming eighth album and he said:

"The stuff I've heard is absolutely incredible. I can't speak on what it sounds like because I'll get in trouble. But I definitely feel like people are gonna enjoy it... Anybody that's a Rihanna fan is gonna stay a Rihanna fan, and anybody that's not might become a Rihanna fan...just gear up for it."

Rihanna also reportedly played new songs exclusively for label executives earlier this month, and she may release a possible single titled, "I’ve Been Searching for Something to Ignite Me When I’m Alone," according to Just Jared.

Oh, I can't wait!


Check Out Rihanna's Lookalike!

There is another Rihanna in these streets! 

A 22-year-old student named Andele Lara from Boston is walking around as if she is really Rihanna. 

According to Daily Mail, Andele says she can't go a day without hearing that she looks like the pop star and Rihanna fans actually come up to her and ask for autographs and photos, they even write her fan mail! Geez.
What do you think? Does Andele look like Rihanna?
Okay, this look is spot on!
Andele tells Daily Mail, it really makes a Rihanna fan happy to think they really met the star. And check this... it looks like Andele has found her calling and is going to become a full-time Rihanna lookalike as her way of making a living.

"Strangers follow Andele on her way to work and send her fan mail whilst companies pay her thousands of pounds to endorse their products," Daily Mail reports. 

Andele said, "People began approaching me in the street asking if I was her and I would see photos of myself going viral on social media."

Hey, whatever works! She does look like Rihanna, so she's just soaking up what comes along with it... including companies paying her thousands to endorse their products. Rihanna gonna be like, hey, where's my cut?! Hahaa.

Read more about Rihanna Andele Lara over here at the Daily Mail.

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