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'Why Did I Get Married?' Star Tasha Smith Is Ordered to Stay Away From Her Husband!

Is actress Tasha Smith a little cray cray? Just a little?

Let me find out the reason why actress Tasha Smith plays the character Angela so well in the Why Did I Get Married movie and in the spin-off show Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse is because that's how she acts in real life! 

Well, according to TMZ, the 43-year-old New Jersey native (yup, she's from my state, ya'll) has been ordered by the court to stay two yards away from her husband, Keith Douglas. But, check this, they still live together! Tasha has to keep this distance while her and her husband are in the house together. And when they're not home, she has to stay 100 yards away from Keith.

The two were together for one year before they wed in 2010.

Keith has on file that Tasha "flies into booze-fueled rages ... and that she's threatened to kill him ... or get people to hurt him, even warning him to not fall asleep or something will happen." TMZ

Keith supposedly even had to flee to escape Tasha, according to TMZ. Oh my! 

I'm not sure how true this is, but her husband did in fact file a restraining order against her. So something must be going on.

I'm just imagining her as Angela right now, yelling "Marcussss!!!!" 

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