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Yung Berg Arrested for Allegedly Beating & Choking Girlfriend, Fight Breaks Out at Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion

Yung Berg was arrested earlier today for allegedly beating up and dragging his girlfriend across a floor!

It looks like Yung Berg a.k.a Hitmaka (real name: Christian Ward) and Masika from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood have turned their friendship from the reality show into some type of actual relationship.

Throughout this season of LHHH we've seen Yung Berg and Hazel-E's relationship play out. Yung Berg is portrayed as a player, Hazel-E wants more than sex, Berg doesn't want to give her more, she gets mad, etc., etc., etc.

Now it looks like Hazel-E's "friend" Masika, who also stars on LHHH, is Yung Berg's girl. 

Well, earlier today Yung Berg was arrested and he was charged with “obstruction of breathing” ya'll! Berg supposedly got hit with this charge because he grabbed Masika by her neck, threw her to the floor, dragged her by her hair and hit her in the face. 

Oh my!!!

All of this happened after Berg and Masika got into an argument at the Gershwin Hotel in New York earlier. According to TMZ, Berg's credit card was declined, he stormed out and Masika paid for the bill. She then later schooled him on leaving her and told him she paid the bill which led to an argument, Berg snapped and put his hands on her. 

To make matters worse, according to TMZ, Masika is now defending Berg. She said it was out of character for him and she blames his behavior on the alcohol. 

That doesn't excuse the assault!

Hazel-E tweeted the following this morning when news broke:
Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 2.22.49 PM


The LHHH is currently in New York taping the reunion show, and this reunion is going to be off the hook! If the Berg/Masika drama isn't enough... there is more!

Ray J's former assistant, Morgan Hardman supposedly got her butt whooped by Ray J's girlfriend Princess Love. 

According to TMZ, Princess Love hit Morgan one time and knocked her out! Morgan was telling everyone at the LHHH reunion that Ray J abused her and Princess Love got tired of his former assistant badmouthing him, so she shut Morgan up with her fist! Dayummm!
Morgan is now denying that she was laid flat out by Princess Love.


“Lol now we all know Ray J relationship with TMZ he can have anything posted lol laid flat out lol,” she wrote on Instagram, posting a picture of TMZ's article. 
“They love to lie and I’ll keep killing them with truth. Let’s go,” she also said. 

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