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50 Cent Claps Back at a "Fan" on Instagram and It Ain't Pretty

50 Cent posted an adorable photo on his Instagram page the other day of his baby boy Sire Jackson. The rapper had Sire with ex-girlfriend - model and video vixen Daphne Joy Narvaez. 

50 captioned the photo: "Lil 50 think he modeling in his sleep, fly 24/7 lol."
People started commenting on his picture and asking about 50's other son Marquise Jackson. Mind you, 50 and his oldest son don't have the best relationship. 

Instagram user @jade_not_jaded commented under the photo and said: "Cutie but where's your other son u never post him."

50 actually saw the comment and hit her with: "my other son is playing ball in college. He's grown told me to see if you want to give him some head."


@jade_not_jaded responded saying: "defensive defensive."
Last year, there was an angry text exchange between 50 and his son Marquise which was leaked. 50 had his oldest son with ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins. Since the text leak, it hasn't been a secret that 50 and Marquise have a strained relationship. It was also revealed that the rapper was a no-show for his Marquise's high school graduation. 

50 has blamed his sour relationship with his son on his baby's mother because they don't have the best relationship either.

Hopefully things work out with him and Marquise and he keeps a strong relationship with the little one as well. And as for the commenters, obviously 50 does not take it well when you talk about his kids.

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