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Hacked Sony Emails Reveal Mathew Knowles Tried to Shop a Destiny's Child Biopic, Lifetime Pursues the Film

It looks like a Destiny's Child biopic is in the works!

TMZ is reporting that Mathew Knowles, Beyonce's now estranged father and former manager reached out to Sony around this time last year and pitched the biopic idea about the girl group. 

Although Sony executives seemed interested, it looks like no one jumped on the deal, according to TMZ. This information was revealed during the company's recent massive hack where hundreds of private emails and documents were revealed.

But, it looks like the people over at the Lifetime network are planning a Destiny's Child movie next year! 

The network has received a lot of controversy over their recent biopics on Aaliyah, Brittany Murphy, the Saved By The Bell crew and the upcoming Whitney Houston movie.

Hmm, I wonder how Beyonce feels about this and who would play her in the film? Any ideas as to who would play a good Beyonce? 

There is also talk of a Kanye West feature film. Read more about that here

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