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Chris Brown Starts Christmas Challenge Dance-Off on Instagram and Spends the Holidays with Karrueche Tran

The on and off couple, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran seem to be ON again! Judging from their Instagram posts, it's safe to say they definitely spent Christmas together.

So, Chris Brown danced on Instagram to Chingy's "Right Thurr," captioning the video "F–k it up!! Who wanna battle????” He challenged his followers to do the same, which was trending on social media as #ChristmasChallenge.

What I peeped as well as others, is that Chris was dancing at Karrueche's house! Peep the photos below that give it away.

*Watch #ChristmasChallenge videos below

Karrueche posted this photo two weeks ago
Chris uploaded a video of him dancing last night on Instagram
Now, remember all that drama that went down between Chris and Karrueche when they were airing out their feelings on social media? (Read more about that here in case you missed that post) Well, it looks like Chris worked his way back into Karrueche's life after his public apology. Karrueche also posted a photo rocking two new rings. Bling bling! Present from Chris? I believe so!

This has sparked rumors that Chris proposed to Karrueche. But if you look closely at the photo, that is her right hand, not her left.

Chris tweeted earlier today, "Today was a really inspiring day and also a Great CHRISTMAS. Being able to bring people together with joy and laughter is something we need."

Karrueche made some strong statements on Twitter a couple of weeks ago while her and Chris were going through their little beef. She even responded to one fan who said, "this better be the last time and I mean last." Karrueche said, "I promise lol."  

Last night, Karrueche posted another photo and people are having a field day in the comments section. 

"speakdattruth @msdnyce how could you learn anything from each other if everything is still same bullshit. You need space to gather your thoughts that would either help you make the right decision and pray about it. Sometimes we ignore the signs when something is or not right for you but choose to stay due to your own will and Not God's and the drama continues. It might be something that God Want you to focus on for yourself 1st then if it's meant to be with anyone it will not be any barriers and maybe in that space you realize you better off not going back, but wish each other well. That what's wrong with some people, they are afraid to be alone from that person or anyone so they stay in the dysfunction.. Everyone needs to experience being okay and good being single and not feeling lonely if you have to be because that's when it shows how strong you are, that being single is not a curse unless you feel that way until you ready to pursue a relationship"

"panarican_navy Its funny how people take the time to write a whole paragraph on how they feel bout other people who care less 😩😩😩"

"2beauties1beast Instagram needs to have an option to where you have to approve comments... I will never understand the consistent negativity... People can be so rude and you just look really lame"

"belizean_princ3ss @panarican_navy right like that person above took the time to write a whole intro statement,thesis, 3 body paragraph, and a whole conclusion smh"

Check out the Christmas Challenge videos below from Chris and other celebrities who joined in on the fun:
Un vídeo publicado por BREEZY (@chrisbrownofficial) el

A video posted by BREEZY (@chrisbrownofficial) on
This one is hot!
Een video die is geplaatst door BREEZY (@chrisbrownofficial) op

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