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Fabolous' '90s-Inspired New Album 'The Young OG Project," Take a Listen!

Fabolous' adorable 6-year-old son Johan poses on the album cover
Fabolous dropped a Christmas present for his fans by releasing his newest album The Young OG Project on Christmas day. 

On Christmas Eve, the 37-year-old rapper volunteered at a New York City food bank.

"Giving Back ‪#‎Lituation‬ Thank You @foodbank4NYC for giving me the opportunity to be involved in a good cause by feeding those in need of a good meal, along with @chefmaxhardy," Fabolous posted.

His '90s-inspired album has 11 tracks, including his first single "Lituation" which already has a video (watch below). 

“The 90’s, to me, overall is the ‘golden era’ of everything,” Fab told Hot 97 in a recent interview. 

In the song "You Made Me" - one of my favorites off of the new album - Fabolous raps about friends who betrayed him and his ex who played him for another dude:

"I think we all try to be good people, but there's just things you go through that make you who you are," he says. 

Another one of my favorite songs features Chris Brown, "She Wildin'" which samples a bit of Nas and Bravehearts 2003 hit "Oochie Wally." Fab is slick with his choice of words in and even mentions the grapefruit trick. (You didn't hear about that? Watch here.)

Fabolous and Emily B from Love & Hip Hop and their family
In the intro to "All Good," we hear some classic Biggie from the hit "Juicy." Fab's song "Ball Drop," another one of my favorites, starts off with a sound bite from New Year's Eve in 1989. Fab and French Montana rap about cutting their chicks off and starting new beginnings (perfect since we're entering a new year soon):

"Hatin' hoes ain't happy and happy hoes ain't hatin'," Fab says. 

Also, the end of "Cinnamon Apple" is pretty hilarious as the single features comedian Kevin Hart. 

The Young OG Project is available on iTunes OR click the link below to listen to Fabolous' new album in its entirety: 

Fabolous - The Young OG Project - Listen | Audiomack


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