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UPDATED: Ray J's Girlfriend Princess Love Threatens to Commit Suicide After Breakup

UPDATE: Dec. 12

Ray J's ex-assistant and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Morgan Hardman believes Princess' suicide threat was all just a publicity stunt.

She tweeted yesterday:

"Wow I was really feeling sorry. they just took Publicity stunt to a whole new level. suicide is nothing to even play with i'm disgusted." (she also included a thumbs down emoji)

Hmm. I would hope this is not the case. If so, that's really sad on their part.

UPDATE: Dec. 11

Reports are now saying Princess Love threatened suicide over Karrueche Tran, since she and Ray J were working together for a BET special earlier in the day. The two then supposedly hung out until 4 a.m. and took pictures together, hours after he broke up with Princess Love. Ray had his arm over Karrueche's shoulders in one picture. 

So I'm guessing Princess Love thought Ray J was already on to the next one. But now it seems like all is good between Ray J and Princess. He uploaded a photo of the two of them on his Instagram last night:

Ride or die? Hmm... bad choice of words to use after Princess allegedly threatened to take her own life. They both crazy, smh. 


*Original Post:

It was all good on the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion show last night which the cast taped about a month ago. While on the reunion, Ray J and Princess Love (Floyd Mayweather's ex) said they were back together after breaking up on the show for two weeks. 

Princess let it be known on the reunion that she loves Ray to death: "I love him to death, unconditionally. No matter what he does, I'll never cheat on him."

Well, it looks as if these two broke up again and things went totally left. According to TMZ, Ray J broke up with Princess last night. He then called 911 today and told the dispatcher his girlfriend said she was going to kill herself.

"We're told she was incessantly texting him after he left for work today, and when she didn't hear what she wanted from him she threatened suicide."

"We're told Ray J knew there was a gun in the house, so he took the threat seriously. Ray J noted to the dispatcher, their good friend Earl Hayes just committed a murder-suicide ... and that put him on high alert."


Ray J has since spoken to Princess and she insists she won't go through with the threat.

This is crazy! Threatening to take your life is not going to make a man stay with you. He'll just think you're deranged. Love is never that serious where you have to kill yourself over it.

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Remember when Ray J pushed Princess in the pool on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood after the two of them were arguing over their exes? Yet, she went back to him. Watch the clip below:

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