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Video of Diddy Accusing Drake of Stealing His Song

Check out this video below that TMZ just released showing Diddy pissed as hell that Drake "stole" his song "0 to 100."

The video was taken back in June and Diddy is onstage telling the crowd Drake stole his music. Also, more updated information came in about Diddy and Drake's altercation. According to Baller Alert:

"The incident occurred outside the back of LIV Nightclub where DJ Khaled was celebrating his birthday. It was around 3:30-4am and Drake and his entourage arrive in two black SUV's. To set the scene, Drake's SUV is the one in front. He is sitting in the rear passenger seat. As Drake's cars arrive the club starts to shut things down in the back entrance and within minutes, Diddy at Drake at 100mph.

From our sources' accounts, the way he burst at Drake, Diddy was clearly on a mission. He walks up to the car where Drake was and has a conversation with Drake through Drake's open window. Let it be noted that the two are speaking loudly, but not loud enough for our sources to make out what was being said. According to Page Six (and everyone else who was there) the conversation was NOT about Cassie. Cassie was not outside when the incident happened . The argument is allegedly about Drake using a song that was Diddy's and not handling his business properly. We all know Diddy doesn't play about his money.

A voice from Drake's entourage can be heard saying "Let them talk like men" and as soon as that was said, Drake steps out of the car. Before Drake knew it, Diddy hit him upon stepping out. Drake didn't get knocked out, his shoulder was not dislocated, Diddy DID connect with his face (lip/chin) and Drake stumbled back obviously stunned. Drake puffed his chest out but by now both Diddy and Drake's entourage had gotten in between the two. Let it be noted that there was no scuffle, Drake nor anyone he came with ever hit Diddy back. Once the "fight" was broken up, a heated Diddy went into the club. The best part about it is that when Diddy was walking into the club he could be heard yelling at Drake, "Take that sh-- like a man! Take that sh-- like a man!"

Well, Drake doesn't seem phased by all the drama, in fact he posted a couple of Instagram photos from his hotel room: 

Meanwhile, Diddy posted on his Instagram:

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