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Christina Milian Posts Lil' Wayne as Her Man Crush & Discusses the Beef Between Birdman and Wayne

So late last night, I was doing my Instagram creeping, and I scrolled past a post from Christina Milian.
She posted a picture of Lil' Wayne with a caption, "#MCM eeeryday."

#MCM means "Man Crush Monday" incase you don't know. It's when someone posts a picture of a guy they find attractive or who they may be crushing on.

Well, I reposted the photo and tagged Christina, telling her, "whatever floats ya boat."

Christina responded and said, "And rocks it" with the stuck-out tongue face emoji.

Okay, Christina! I'm taking this as Lil' Wayne is "rocking" her boat. Hahaa!

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Well, it's no secret that something is going on with Christina and Weezy. They haven't actually confirmed their relationship, but whatever they have is not sitting right with Wayne's exes Nivea and Toya Wright. Read more about that below:

Toya Wright Joins Nivea and The Dream in Not Approving Lil' Wayne and Christina Milian's New "Relationship"

Christina also recently spoke out about being on the Young Money label with Lil' Wayne and the whole beef with him and Birdman.

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Christina said to Hollywood Today:

"It's a little difficult. I'm on the same record label. I'm on Young Money, so it's a little difficult when it comes to business. I understand the circumstance for all of them. I think everyone's trying to work it out and I wish the best. Honestly it's been an empire that has been built between Baby and with Lil Wayne. You can only hope for the best and big things for the both of them, that they continue this grind that they have. They basically paved the way for people like myself having the opportunity to become successful. I pray it all works out. I know he prays the same thing, nothing but the best."

Peep her #MCM Instagram post below as well as her response:
Фото опубликовано Christina Milian (@christinamilian)
The singer also has a new reality show premiering on E! this Sunday (Jan. 18) called Christina Milian Turned Up. Will you be watching?

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