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Funkmaster Flex Rants About Jay-Z, Calls His Website Trash and Says, "Don't Think I Can't Ruin You"

Someone is pissed!
Hot 97 on-air personality and DJ Funkmaster Flex is calling out Jay-Z! 

Funkmaster Flex is not liking some of Jay-Z’s brands. The 47-year-old DJ went on a bomb-filled rant about Jay's Hov’s Life+Times website and also his 40/40 Club. He called Jay's site trash more than enough times to get his point across. 

Before I continue though, let me just say, I CAN"T STAND THOSE BOMB EFFECTS! They're so annoying and distracting! Okay, so anyway...

Flex announces before his rant, "better tell someone to turn me on tonight, it's going to be something."

The very well-known New York DJ later goes on to blast the rapper and says:

"That website is trash by the way. I figured I’d say that trash so you take me serious on where I’m going. They do this interview after I drop my app, asking me a lot of key questions about apps – building apps, how, why, how’d you launch it? But all of that didn’t get put in the story though. But a lot of that information got put into that new Jay-Z app. But I was good with that I ate that. I understood it. Everybody’s out here hustling…"

Now, Flex seems to have past and current issues with Jay. What started him on this rant tonight is an email he received from someone at Jay's website who asked Flex what his involvement was in the current Dipset reunion. 

Flex also said,  “Don’t play with me ... I let you live in this town, don’t think I can’t ruin you.”

Listen to Flex's entire rant below for more background information on this beef (starts at the 10:39 mark). He also calls Jay a clown and says he's funny looking.

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Ohhh snap! Leave your thoughts about his rant in the comment section below!

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