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So Sad: 6-Year-Old Girl Found Dead With Suicide Notes Nearby

6-year-old Kendrea Johnson 
Once in awhile I post news articles on Ooooooo La La!, when there's some major breaking news, wacky news or something that sparks my interest.

I was just scrolling through Facebook, and I came across this particular news story on my timeline that caught my attention...

According to various reports, a six-year-old girl was discovered in her Brooklyn Park foster home bedroom with a jump rope tied around her neck. 

On the floor was a purple marker and two notes: one read, "I'm sorry," and the other said, "I'm sad for what I do."


According to the Daily News:

Kendrea Johnson was discovered hanging from her bedroom ceiling by her foster father Dec. 27, the Star Tribune reported. The toy had been tied into a noose around her neck.

Police are suspicious, even though Kendrea's psychiatric records show a history of suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

"We just did our due diligence to tear this case apart and look at every angle," Brooklyn Park Police Deputy Chief Mark Bruley said. "It's hard to believe that it was even possible. We may never know if it was suicide or an accident."

The night of her death, Kendrea was excited about a church dance the next day, records show.

She was a "happy-go-lucky" and "normal" child, said her grandmother, Mary Lee Broadus, 45. Kendrea's spunky and bubbly personality earned her the nickname "Ziggy."

But her behavior changed when she was placed in foster care.


This story just breaks my heart. I don't even understand how someone at that age has the thought process to even think about taking their own life, let alone actually doing it. 

Updated: I also just read that Brooklyn Park police have closed their investigation into this case without even finding what happened. Wow, unbelievable! 

I can't even believe this was a suicide. There needs to be more investigations, because I'm just not understanding. 

I know the article further explains that Kendrea underwent behavior therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and anger. But, what was going on at the foster home and why was she unsupervised if she was supposedly dealing with all of this? A six-year-old was dealing with all of that!? Six! 

Prayers go out to the family. This little girl was gone way too soon, may she rest in peace. 

Read the entire story over at the Daily News

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