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'Love & Hip Hop' Star Stevie J is Facing 2 Years of Jail Time, Joseline Hernandez Suspended From Show

Music producer and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality star Stevie J is facing two years in prison!

According to TMZ, Stevie is facing jail time for not paying over $1 million in child support, ya'll. Dayummm!

A similar case happened last year when Stevie was thrown in jail for allegedly bailing on child support for two of his kids since 2001. Now the total he owes in unpaid child support is $1,107,412, TMZ states.

TMZ is also reporting the grand jury's indicted Stevie, but he won't be arraigned on the charges until Feb. 10 in NYC.

Stevie is currently dealing with his 30-day rehab stint.

Also, Stevie's boo thang and LHHATL co-star Ms. Joseline Hernandez is allegedly suspended from the show.

If you recall, during the season's last reunion, Joseline was popping off on everybody onstage. There were rumors that her and Stevie J were high off drugs during the taping. Stevie J denied those rumors and said they were not high on crack during the reunion.

Well, Joseline isn't fired for her crazy reunion behavior, however she won't be apart of the filming process for the first four episodes and she won't be paid for them.

Wow! I'ma need for Joseline and especially Stevie J to get it together. Is it me, or does it seem like maybe them being together is not for the best? They may be dragging each other down.


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