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WATCH: Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz Argue On Television Over Legalizing Marijuana

2 Chainz appeared on Nancy Grace's HLN show and the two had a debate over marijuana legalization last night (Jan. 13).

Nancy asked him, "Why do you still support the legalization of marijuana?" after she informed the rapper of his popularity with teenagers. 

After their heated debate, 2 Chainz posted the picture below to let everyone know him and Nancy are still cool. He even thanked her on Twitter in which she responded:

"@2chainz you're on. I'm gonna talk u out of this pot thing. Ps. I don't think that's a real rolex u have on. ?"

Hahaa! Watch the battle unfold below:

A photo posted by 2 Chainz Aka Tity Boi (@hairweavekiller) on

Let me know what you think of this debate in the comments section! Did 2 Chainz have valid points? Who do you think won?

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