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Shots Fired! Matt Barnes Calls Out Estranged Wife Gloria, Laura Govan Suffers Nip-Slip at 'Wedding Ringer' Premiere

The beautiful Govan sisters, Gloria and Laura, both attended the Wedding Ringer premiere a couple of days ago and attracted a lot of attention.

Gloria and Laura are known for being on VH1's reality show Basketball Wives (Gloria was on the first season) as well as the spinoff Basketball Wives L.A. While at the movie premiere, Laura suffered a major nip-slip while posing for the cameras on the red carpet.

Meanwhile, her sister Gloria was busy catching attention on the red carpet as well. But, Gloria's husband, NBA player Matt Barnes, obviously wasn't feeling it.

As previously posted, these two are currently separated. They are on and off so much that I'm not even sure if a divorce is finalized or if they plan on working things out. But, Matt sent out some subliminal shade towards the mother of his two children and said:

Well, alrighty then! Somebody is mad! (Psst ... I don't think he appreciated the side boob.)

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  1. I don't how Matt Barns felt about Laura's nipple embarrassing malfunction.

  2. Matt was probably like "I never thought I ever saw my ex-wife's sister naked boob before".

  3. Whoopsies is a big understatement Laura should have worn at least fashion tape. She should protect or private modesty better!

  4. Laura really needed to wear a bra or fashion tape she needs some common sense it's a movie premiere not a stripclub she has no respect for herself.

  5. It called indecent exposure Laura!!

  6. I wonder how Laura's ex husband Gilbert Arenas felt when he saw his ex wife's entire tit wandering around free at a movie premiere? I bet he either piss off, confused, or could give a damn.


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