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Throwback Thursday: "Bye Felicia!" Came From the Hilarious Movie 'Friday'

Who is Felicia and why is everyone always saying bye?

Former actress Angela Means plays "Felicia," but the name is actually spelled Felisha, which is the character from Ice Cube's 1995 movie Friday. Angela also starred in House Party 3.

I'm not sure what made the "Bye Felicia" saying so popular within the recent years, because as you see, Friday came out about 20 years ago!
"Bye Felicia" is used to dismiss someone (as seen in the clip below). The person being dismissed is usually annoying or irrelevant, so they are simply a random "Felicia" and can be dismissed, so bye!

Felisha in the movie Friday
Watch the hilarious scene below of Felisha begging Craig (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker) for random items, and see what "Felicia" looks like now:
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Angela Means who played Felisha in Friday


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