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Azealia Banks Starts Twitter Beef With Erykah Badu, Says She's Jealous

Erykah Badu performing in concert over the weekend
Miss Erykah Badu made her rounds in New York City this weekend for NBA All-Star Weekend, performing in concerts and also flicking it up with Rihanna who she met for the first time!

RiRi and Erykah Badu met for the first time during All-Star weekend

When a fan asked Erykah on Twitter if she listens to Azealia Banks, Erykah simply responded "Tried."

Azealia obviously caught feelings and didn't like Erykah's answer as she responded back, ".... Jealousy."

Erykah then replied, "Well sh*t I did try. Maybe you're right.. I'm just to old to get it. You cool tho?"

Some fans peeped that Erykah turned on her geolocation on Twitter. This allows your location to be shown along with your tweet, and Erykah's location showed Queens, NY. I took this as, are you cool? Do you want to come to Queens and talk about this? Lol.  

@bhrisbrown: Queen turned on her location. HELP," one fan tweeted.

Erykah replied, "You caught that .."

You would think that was the end. Nope! Azealia proceeded to continue talking about Erykah in a series of tweets:

"Lol that ol lady went out of her way throw shade at me, turned on her location... But when I asked for the address ... There was no answer"

"Lol I think it was very childish of her to try and insinuate that I should show up and fight her... Like.. How old are you?"

"People are seriously intimidated by my talent and honesty."

"Don't be jealousss ......"

"And if you are gonna be jealous.... Just please, stay out of my way."

Azealia's followers, of course, had her back and were hyping her up. She even retweeted them:

@CivilHype tweeted: "@AZEALIABANKS You were real cute and respectful by keeping it mild. And not letting her have it. PAY IT sis."

@NV @nrvsa tweeted: "@AZEALIABANKS All you have to do is breathe + these bitches be like "OMG I HATE HERRRRRR *sighs in bitter ugly hoe*"
@NV @nrvsa tweeted: "@AZEALIABANKS All you have to do is breathe + these bitches be like "OMG I HATE HERRRRRR *sighs in bitter ugly hoe*"
I can name at least five Erykah Badu songs off the top of my head... I'm still trying to think of one Azealia Banks song that was popping. My point is, Erykah has been in the music industry for years, and Azealia is tripping as usual. She's coming for well-known celebs to try and stay relevant. But, to earn respect, you have to give respect and Azealia Banks is losing.
To me - and we can agree to disagree - Azealia comes off as an angry, bitter child who seeks attention by going at very well-known artists like, Iggy Azalea, Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu and the list goes on and on and on.
On top of Azealia's Twitter beefs, now she's also posing for Playboy magazine.
Playboy also announced that along with a series of nude photographs of Azealia, its April issue will include a "no-holds-barred interview." No surprise here seeing how the rapper is always voicing her opinion and coming at people on social media. I wonder who her next target will be.
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