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Bobbi Kristina Involved in Car Crash Four Days Before Found Unresponsive in Bathtub, Her Aunt Says Bobbi is "Opening Her Eyes"


Bobbi Kristina Update

*Note: I only post updates coming in from Bobbi Kristina's family or police reports, no rumors...

According to Rosewell, GA police, Bobby Kristina was involved in a car crash four days before she was found unresponsive in her bathtub.

Apparently, she was driving a Jeep Liberty vehicle when she lost control, hit another vehicle and this resulted in injuries for both the driver she hit and a passenger in her jeep.

Maybe this explains the injuries found on Bobbi?

While this investigation continues, Bobbi's aunt Leolah Brown spoke out in an interview with Atlanta's Fox 5 station on Wednesday, Feb. 11 and claims her niece is "opening her eyes" while still on life support.

Bobby Brown's sister gave the sit-down interview and said she's hopeful for Bobbi Kristina's health.

"I was very numb when I saw her," she recalled of when she first saw her brother's daughter after the incident.

"It's been very, very painful for everybody. Mainly Bobby, because that's his baby."

"There are so many signs showing us that she will be okay, in spite of what people are saying over the Internet," Leolah said. "Krissi is fine, as I sit here today."

So it seems like Bobbi Kristina's condition is improving a little. Prayers work! Let's keep on praying for BK!



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