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Just Petty! Memphitz Posts About Toya Wright & K. Michelle, Says "The CoCo Drove Me LoCo"

Yesterday, I posted about Toya Wright and how she has spoken out about her troubling marriage with her estranged husband, Memphitz (read more on that here).

Toya even discussed how she feels about the whole K. Michelle/Memphitz situation and his odd social media behavior:

"So when you get on there and you say crazy stuff and you act out of emotion and your feelings, people can take that wrong..."

"...I just told him, ‘Maybe you need to delete social media because that’s not you. That’s really not you.’ Don’t stoop to the next person’s level."

Well, Memphitz clearly did not listen to Toya's advice, and he acted out again. This morning, he posted a picture of both his wife Toya Wright and his ex K. Michelle on his Instagram page, captioning the photo below: 

"The CoCo Drove Me LoCo. @servedfresh thanx 4 accepting #Me as Iz."

(Click pic to enlarge)

Memphitz also posted this photo earlier

Lawd! Someone put Memphitz on a social media timeout forever! He's doing way too much.

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