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Grammy's Controversy: Ledisi Fans Disappointed That Beyonce Performed 'Selma' Song, Ledisi Responds With Class

Should Ledisi have been on that stage instead?
Closing out the Grammy's this year was Beyonce singing a beautiful rendition of the gospel hymn "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" and John Legend and Common singing their Oscar-nominated song "Glory."

But, “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” is performed on the film soundtrack, as well as in the movie, by R&B and jazz artist Ledisi, who plays Mahalia Jackson in Selma.

Ledisi on the Grammy's red carpet
So Ledisi fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment when news hit Beyonce would be performing the song.

“No one is saying Beyonce shouldn’t perform at #GRAMMYs. What we’re saying is it should be Ledisi performing the song for #Selma perf,” one fan tweeted.

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The hashtag #LedisiWasRobbed even began on Twitter with fans and news outlets expressing their thoughts, some even said Beyonce robbed Ledisi's Grammy moment.
Another fan tweeted, "Common & J Legend should share burden of wrong doing. Their salivating over B is like a slap in face to #LedisiWasRobbed"

Ledisi addressed the fan uproar and said to The Associated Press on the Grammy red carpet Sunday before the show started, "But I got over that and I had to look at the positive and empower women."

"We have to empower each other. It's a great thing. And one day I'll be on that Grammy stage. Every artist wants to be on the Grammys stage. That's part of our career is to be there. So my time will come when it's time," Ledisi said.

Ledisi said she is glad more focus is coming to Selma, "I was able to portray an iconic gospel singer, the queen of gospel Mahalia Jackson. I sang the version she sang, take my hand as well with Thomas Dorsey writing it and now we get to see Beyoncé sing a song that's been living forever and to her generation."
"It's great. I'm part of a legacy of great women and the Queen of Soul (Aretha Franklin) sang it as well. So I'm a part of that," she added.
Beyonce won 'Best R&B Performance' for her hit song "Drunk In Love" which beat out Ledisi's "Like This."

Beyonce on the Grammy's red carpet
John Legend revealed to ET Online that Beyonce approached him and Common about singing “Precious Lord, Take My Hand.”
“We were actually approached by Beyonce. She wanted to do an intro to our performance and introduce us. You don’t really say no to Beyonce if she asks to perform with you."

Common and John Legend closing at the Grammy's singing "Glory"
This reminds me of about five years ago when Beyonce was criticized by Etta James for singing her hit "At Last" at President Obama's inaugural ball.     

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