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India Arie Tries to Say Hi to Lady Gaga, Hand Swatted By Security + India Will Release New Music Soon!

Did India Arie get denied from saying hi to Lady Gaga? It looks like it!

As Lady Gaga made her way down the red carpet at the Grammy's on Sunday night, India Arie approached her. 

In the Vine video below, it looks like India was trying to get Gaga's attention so she reached out to tap her. Well, that didn't go well with Gaga's security because a man pushed India's hand away. 

India even tweeted about it afterwards while recapping the best and worst Grammy's moments. India said she was upset she got touched because she doesn't like to be touched aggressively. Well, who does?

Check out the tweets and the video below as well as info on upcoming music from India:


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India addressed Gaga's security swatting her hand away and tweeted:
"when I reached to speak to her security swatted my wrist - clapping something hard against my turquoise bracelet smh"

Some of India's fans responded and she answered:

: wtf?? did she apologize for their behavior?” < she Didn't even SEE ME ... He was doing his "job"

: wtf?? did she apologize for their behavior?” She didnt even see me - Sometimes things just go awry"

India tried clearing up what she tweeted in the beginning because people started taking her tweet the wrong way. She said she wasn't upset that Gaga didn't see her, but she was upset at the fact Gaga's security guard touched her.

"Lets squash this now - everyone responding to my tweet - i know her i wanted to speak like did everyone else i saw i know."

"Her securty swatted my hand - SHE didnt see me. And my point is not my point is -- this is the energy of the hollywood bubble"

"I give and expect respect - but some people aren't like that - and yes I was upset because security guard TOUCHED me."

"I was Not upset because didn't SEE me. I don't like being touched aggressively. Period"

India even had to respond to people coming at her disrespectfully:

: why make out she's the bad one? you know people will attack her for this shit, dumb cunt.” Sigh. Really? Shut. Up!"

: you are, you're trying to make people attack HER, she did nothing wrong, < pay attention and read my tweets"

: you are, you're trying to make people attack HER, she did nothing wrong, < your out of line."

India Arie on the red carpet
at the 57th annual Grammy Awards Sunday night
India said people are not listening, but some had her back:

: how you worded that people are thinking you are mad at ” < because people don't listen."

: I feel you I saw that you said her security which he is rough as hell but You do deserve respect” lol"

India then tweeted for the last time about Gaga and her security:

"This is the last thing im saying about this. I sent maybe 10 tweets? Of my high and low lights - cause thats what I do"

"I sent ONE tweet about security touching me and thats what everyones focusing on."

"Its not MY focus. Just an experience. Thats all. I Define me. If u can't see me for who i am *shrug* if you dont LIKE it."

Now off of Lady Gaga. 

New music from India and Brandy?
India Arie also confirmed she will be releasing new music this year... and not just one album, maybe two!

"And YES! New music soon!!! God willing - Two albums this year ill keep you posted !! Ok off to rehearsal! :"

And, she may even feature Brandy on the upcoming album. One fan asked India if there will be an official Brandy collaboration, India responded:

LOL! Ask always a yes from myside"

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