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Jimmy Fallon Goes to Bayside High School as the Cast of 'Saved By The Bell' Reunites!


 '90s Throwback!

If you thought yesterday's video of Jimmy Fallon recreating The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme was awesome, check this out....

The Tonight Show host made his way to Bayside high school joining Zack, A.C., Jessie and Kelly ... and even Mr. Belding! The '90s style and wardrobe was on point, it looks like the cast never left Bayside!

Zach (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) busted out the ol' school cellphone and he hit us with one of his timeouts. He even poked fun at not wanting Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley) growing up and becoming a stripper! (Showgirls joke, lol.)

And, check out A.C. (Mario Lopez) still looking good! This dude never ages! But, where's Lisa (Lark Voohries) and Screech (Dustin Diamond)? They missed the reunion!

Check out Jimmy Fallon at Bayside:

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