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Jazmine Sullivan Covers 'Rolling Out' Magazine, Discusses Fame and Receiving Support From Other Female Vocalists

Jazmine's time is now! After dropping the news of going on tour, Jazmine is now serving us all types of gorgeousness, beauty and curves on the latest cover of Rolling Out magazine.

Inside, the 27-year-old discusses focusing on music, not fame. She talks about her long journey to being where she is now, her childhood, taking a break from the music industry and what made her come back.

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Jazmine also expressed how she felt when Beyonce told her she's one of the best. Read more below:

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Jazmine's thoughts on being famous:

"I don’t really consider myself to be famous first of all, but I thought it was interesting. Like I said, most of all, I’m grateful. I’m grateful to be able to do what I love more than anything. Not a lot of people can do what they love, and I’m able to make music and the side effect of it is it happens to touch people, so that’s the best part of it."

Jazmine discussing her "strange" childhood:

"My childhood was strange. I grew up in a historic mansion called Strawberry Mansion. My dad was the caretaker so they let us live there. So I basically grew up in the woods. It wasn’t a lot of anything going on back there so feel like I had a lot of time to just be to myself and sing and make up stuff. I had a lot of time to be creative and I had really supportive parents with that. I remember thinking as a child wanting to like, you know, I wanted to run the streets with my friends and I could not. My parents were strict and I didn’t understand it then but when I got older I was like, if they weren’t strict I don’t know where my life would have been at this point."

Her thoughts on Beyonce and the support from other female vocalists:

"I don’t know if y’all saw that but I died, y’all. I was like; I became a sparkle on her catsuit. I was like Lord, BeyoncĂ© spoke to me. I was so stuck. I was shocked because she has this big performance she’s doing this million-dollar performance and I did not think she would take the time out to [acknowledge me]. That just goes to show you how beautiful of a person she is that she would take the time out to even acknowledge me, so it felt wonderful and it feels wonderful when any of my peers do that. With this album I’m so grateful because I’ve been seeing more than anything so many of the female vocalists are like all supportive, and I love that because I feel like people don’t think that we can be that way and that we can support each other and it’s obvious. I think that’s important."

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