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Jobs Taken Over By Robots: New Japanese Hotel Will Be Staffed by Smart Robots

Humans Are Losing Jobs to Robots

Technology is advancing and taking over. Now robots will run a hotel! I kid you not. No need to pay humans anymore.

According to CNN, a hotel has named Henn-na Hotel (translation: Strange Hotel) has announced plans to open a hotel with robot staff and other advanced technologies.The first phrase of the two-story hotel will open this summer with 72 rooms, and the second phrase will be completed in 2016 with an additional 72 rooms.

The hotel will feature three "actroids" (robots with strong human likeness) that will act as receptionists, CNN reports. And, check this, these robots will be able to engage in intelligent conversations with human guests.

The hotel will also employ four service and porter robots, and others engaged in menial tasks, such as cleaning, according to CNN. 

Could this be the future? Robots taking over in place of paying employees? In ten years, will I walk in a Dunkin Donuts and have a robot take my order and make my coffee?

In a 2014 article published by, Gartner, a technology research company, predicts "one in three jobs will be converted to software, robots and smart machines by 2025,” said Gartner research director Peter Sondergaard. 

Read more of the technological features of the Japanese hotel over here at CNN. And, check out this Mashable article: 9 jobs robots could replace in 2015.

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