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"Prison Bae" and "Hot Mug Shot" Guy Jeremy Meeks is Sentenced to 2 Years in Federal Prison

Jeremy Meek's arrest mug shot

Remember the "hot mugshot" guy all of the ladies were going nuts over last year and many even said he should model? Well, looks like there's no modeling career anytime soon for Jeremy Meeks because he is going to be locked up for two years.

Meeks is being called "hottie thug," "felon crush," "handsome criminal" and an "internet sensation" after his arrest mug shot went viral last summer. The Stockton Police Department posted it on its Facebook page last June and the picture has over 100,000 "likes"!

The same people who were praising Meeks for his good looks caused quite a stir. Yes, the guy is handsome, but many ladies were getting criticized for focusing on his looks alone and forgetting he's a criminal.
Those dreamy baby blue eyes even had people making up modeling campaigns.


Well, a California federal judge didn't fall for his looks and sentenced the convicted felon to prison for more than two years for gun possession, according to multiple reports.

Sorry ladies, say bye to prison bae.

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  1. He is hot because he is half white. The rave comes from black females paying blk men back for falling for white females. He is a handsome guy, but I am not impressed. He is now a model....


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