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K. Michelle Has Another Message for Toya Wright + Memphitz Cut Out of Reginae Carter's Sweet 16 Show (Watch Full Episode)

Was K. Michelle right this entire time about Memphitz?

Things are clearly coming to light now and we see Memphitz may not be all the way there mentally. 
K. Michelle is currently on her My Twisted Mind Tour and during her recent Baltimore stop, she performed her hit song "Can't Raise A Man," when she name-dropped Toya Wright and addressed the situation with Memphitz.
K. Michelle said onstage as an intro to her song, "everyday he is a different a**, crazy a** dude. He got the signs of a grown a** boy that will run for the hills."
She also said, "Toya, I was just trying to muthaf**king keep it real!"
Wow! Peep that video footage below:

As everyone knows, Toya Wright and Memphitz are currently separated, and they both spoke out, in separate interviews, about the downfall of their marriage. 
Toya said, "I’m just praying for him and praying for our situation. I’m a person that is all about love and our family and I don’t like to give up. Especially being married two times."

Toya Wright Confirms She is Seperated From Memphitz, Her Little Brother Blasts Her on Instagram and Calls Her Fake

Memphitz sat down with S2S magazine and spoke about his marriage with Toya: 
"Yes. I’m definitely separated from my wife. Now don’t get me wrong… I love my wife," he said.
He added, "Nothing has changed as far as the love… there are no love deficiencies going on, I just decided to love myself more."
Memphitz posted the other day on Instagram, "the coco drove me loco" along with a picture of K. Michelle and Toya Wright. 
He also dropped a risque Valentine's Day calendar over the weekend. Latey, Memphitz has made the message very clear on his Instagram page: "love doesn't live here anymore."

Neither Memphitz nor Toya has addressed what K. Michelle recently said. 


Toya's daughter, Reginae Carter, who is also the daughter of Lil' Wayne, was featured on MTV's My Super Sweet 16 this week. Her birthday bash was a star-studded event and Reginae received a brand-new BMW and Ferrari GTO. The perks of having celebrity parents!

All went well except for one thing,  when the show aired, MTV blurred out Memphitz' face on the episode! 

Pictured: Reginae Carter (left) with her mom Toya Wright
and Step-dad Memphitz

This didn't sit well with Toya and despite the issues in their marriage, Toya felt MTV was wrong for blurring his face out. She tweeted and then deleted:

Memphitz has a multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit against Viacom. Maybe that's why his face was blurred out. 
Lil' Wayne simply tweeted, "Thanx MTV 4 da luv! Nae Nae is my most precious jewel"

Check out Memphitz' interview with S2S and if you missed Reginae Carter's My Super Sweet 16 episode, you can watch below:

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