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Kanye West Apologizes to Beck and Bruno Mars on Twitter

As the saying goes... better late than never... I guess.
Not too long ago, Kanye West issued a public apology on his Twitter account to Beck and Bruno Mars.
"I would like to publicly apologize to Beck, I’m sorry Beck," the rapper said.

Kanye is apologizing for the stunt he pulled at the Grammy's almost three weeks ago and the comments he made afterwards. Kanye said in a post-Grammy's interview that Beck should respect artistry. He also thought Beck should have given his Grammy award to Beyonce.
Read more on that story here, incase you missed it


Kanye's apology to Bruno Mars is wayyyy overdue. Back in 2013, Kanye made some comments about the singer and all the awards Bruno took home that year.

"...then they start giving out awards and sh–, and Bruno Mars won all the motherf**ing awards, and sh*t.”

“Can’t no mother**ing networks try to gas everybody up so they can sell some product with the prettiest motherf**er out,” Kanye previously stated.

Kanye also said, “I still ain’t see a video better than Beyonce video ’till this mother**ing day.”

Kanye tweeted earlier that he used to hate on Bruno Mars. Wow!

"I also want to publicly apologize to Bruno Mars, I used to hate on him but I really respect what he does as an artist."

Aside from the apologies, Kanye mentioned a song produced with 88 Keys and Puff which might be on his forthcoming album. 

"I also would love for Bruno to sing this hook on this song 88 Keys / Puff and I produced… I even asked Tyler to shoot the vid."

Well, maybe the two will collaborate in the near future. Yes, don't hate, collaborate!

This apology is big for Kanye, but he could've at least included Beck and Bruno Mars' Twitter handles in the tweets since he is addressing them... just saying. I guess he's counting on the thousand of retweets to get the message across to the two artists.

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