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Taraji P. Henson on 'Uptown' Magazine (Photos) + She Displays Her "Cookie Cakes" on 'Empire', Shoots Down Rumors of A** Shots


Taraji P. Henson is definitely the "it" girl on television right now! Her new show Empire proves just why the 44-year-old actress was named 'Entertainer of the Year' last week at NAACP's Image Awards.

Taraji at the NAACP Image Awards

Taraji plays the character Cookie Lyon and she does not take any crap. Taraji's character just makes you say "yassss!" Take last night's episode on Empire for instance...
Cookie assumed she was having a romantic date with her ex-husband, Luscious (played by Terrance Howard), at a fancy restaurant. The episode opened with her switching from outfit to outfit until she found the perfect one.

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However, what she finally decided to wear was not revealed until the next scene when Cookie finds out the real reason why she was invited to the restaurant... Luscious proposed to his girlfriend, Anika.
Beneath her fur coat, Taraji showed everyone sitting at the table, and us watching the show at home, that she was wearing lingerie!

Cookie got up, showed off her cakes and said, "THAT is an a**" to Lucious' now fiancĂ© Anika. Ha! 

Twitter and Instagram damn near blew up when Cookie showed them cakes. #CookieCakes

Even Wendy Williams and her producers discussed the "cakes" on The Wendy Williams Show earlier during her "Hot Topics" segment, making many to believe that Taraji has had work done.
But, no hunny! Miss Taraji quickly shot those rumors down and responded to Wendy and her producer on Instagram:
"HA! Thank you for the love @wendyshow! And tell your producer guy that those #CookieCakes are ALL ME baby!!! EVERYBODY AIN'T GETTING ASS SHOTS!!! I don't need them! Also let him/her know TV adds a lil weight so RELAX!"

That's right, let them know, Taraji!

The actress looks great and looks like she hasn't even aged since her Baby Boy days... that movie was 14 years ago!
“This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my career,” Taraji said in a recent interview with Uptown magazine. Peep more pics below from her photo shoot:

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