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Drake and Foxy Brown Congratulate Nicki Minaj... Is She Engaged to Meek Mill or Nah?

Did these celebs just spill the beans?

Last night at the Coachella festival, Drake performed and he also congratulated his Young Money sis, Nicki Minaj.

Nicki was seen yesterday, sporting her new bling on her finger (pictured above) from Meek Mill, but her and Meek have yet to confirm the engagement rumors. There was also recent talk that Nicki's mother, Carol Minaj, said her daughter wasn't engaged. I'm confused, lol.

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Check out the video below where Drake says Nicki is the love of his life and congratulates her:

Well, I'm not sure if Drake was congratulating Nicki on her success or on her recent, alleged engagement.

Rapper Foxy Brown also congratulated both Nicki and Meek earlier on Instagram today. She uploaded the photo of Nicki Minaj's new ring along with the following message below:

What do you think OooLaLaFam!? Did Nicki and Meek really get engaged!?

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