Tuesday, April 21, 2015

LOL: Wal-Mart is Doing the MOST! They Sell Weave Bundles Too!

Wal-Mart has got their hands on everything! From milk to caskets, you can buy it all. The retail store is surely becoming the next Costco. I just found out Wal-Mart also sells hair extensions! You can buy human wig hair, virgin remy Brazilian hair, silky straight hair... whatever!

From as low as $10.47, you can buy some bundles of hair! It seems like Wal-Mart has sold weave for a couple of years, but lately, the news has been making its way around social media. The Twitter world is laughing and calling Wal-Mart "ratchet."

Hey, I guess you have to give the people what they want and the hair industry is racking up a lot of coins. But, $599 for that weave above, oh hell nah! Do you see how that looks! *side eye* I think I'll stick to my local beauty supply store, lol.

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